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Rumours, Rumours, Rumours...

Though I like to spread rumours myself, I feel like I have to work against a current one.
A week ago the Houston Chronicle announced "Fox fates smile on 'Simpsons,' bag 'Futurama'", saying "Futurama will not be back next year". While that might ultimately be the case, I have to assume that this is nothing but an interpretation of the Variety article we mentioned 9 days ago in which FOX's decision to renew The Simpsons and KotH was revealed - no mention of Futurama. This does NOT mean that there had been a decision against Futurama yet.
No news outlet closer to Hollywood than the Texan Houston Chronicle has picked up this story in regards to Futurama in over a week now. In fact, I talked to one of the more important people on the Futurama staff only 4 days ago and today again. NO confirmation of a final decision has been forwarded to them. There is a slight risk that FOX simply forgot about Futurama and will never tell, but the active "no" the Houston Chronicle reports did not yet happen.
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