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Futurama Article in USA Today

The upcoming US Futurama DVD set release also has the added advantage of Futurama getting more press exposure. USA Today's Bill Keveney quotes Matt Groening in today's "'Futurama' hits DVD, but show comes to close" article:
"I've gotten more response since it's been on Cartoon Network than in its years on Fox," Groening says. "It's so refreshing to have a network that appreciates the show." [...] The last of Futurama's 72 episodes will provide some closure, but he wishes the show could have continued: "We had so many more stories we were eager to tell."
Going along with Groening's impression, Cartoon Network today posts another success story regarding Futurama:
The Sunday telecast of Futurama scored its highest delivery and rating yet on Cartoon Network with adults 18-34, adults 18-24 and men 18-24. Among adults 18-34, the 1.0 rating was up 233% vs. last year.
The problematic scheduling and promotion situation is addressed in the article, too.
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