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WGA Award for Ken Keeler / Godfellas

A few hours ago, the 55th Annual Writers Guild Awards were handed out at the Beverly Hilton Hotel for outstanding achievement in writing for the screen, television, and radio. New in this case was that the animation writers got a category, too. Before they had their own, publicly less regarded awards.

Former Letterman, PJ and Simpsons writer Ken Keeler beat the tough competition of three Simpsons episodes, one King of the Hill and 'Santa, Baby!' to the WGA Award for writing in animation on television with his work for (one of my personal favourites) "Futurama - Godfellas".

This means that Futurama won or helped people win the following awards since its production stop:
  • Emmy Award for "Roswell that ends well"
  • Annie Award for Rich Moore's directing work
  • AWC Lifetime Achievement Award for P. Verrone
  • AWG Award for Ken Keeler / Godfellas
    and was nominated (without winning, but still a big recognition) for:
  • Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Animation

    Congrats to Ken!
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