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Dexter/Rugrats Guy on Futurama

Scott Roberts - artist and writer for the Dexter's Lab and Rugrats comics - was interviewed by Rich Watson for slushfactory and talked some about the animation industry goods and bads. The topic changes to a rather long paragraph about Futurama:
RW: Why do you suppose Fox gave up on Futurama?

SR: Well, I don't want to get into the dirty laundry, but some of this was already in the press - I feel that a lot of it was punishing Matt Groening for not allowing the executives to be involved in the creative end of the show. [...] I think they kinda slapped it back at him by giving him very little support, putting it in a ridiculously early time slot, where it's constantly pre-empted. You're lucky if a new season is three or four episodes.
The interview was done in January 2003 at the Big Apple Con and published today.
Thanks to Tom S. for the lead.
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