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Groening bashes FOX Network

An article titled "Keeping in 'Toon" on the canadian site gives us some information about Groening's thoughts on FOX and our delivered petition:
"The people at Fox didn't ever support the show and it wasn't to their taste and, in my opinion, they're out of their minds. [...]
The fans loved (Futurama), but they couldn't find it. It never got promoted. The fans delivered a petition with 130,000 signatures and there was no reaction from Fox.
We won the Emmy for best animated show a few months ago and I didn't even get a begrudging phone call from anyone at Fox. That's a dark company that they can't even make a fake phone call."
Harsh words showing the frustration of Futurama's creator. We ourselves never got a response regarding the petition, either.

In other news: Marge's chest size didn't reflect in the ratings. With a 5.1/8 Nielsen primetime metered market rating it fell considerably from the previous week (5.8/9), was easily beaten by King of the Hill's 5.5/9 and only 0.1 higher than the last Futurama episode (5.0/8), which ran without any notable promotion I know of.
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