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Where the Futurama is now

With the DVD set being out, there comes some extra publicity for the show. IMDb had it on its front page (though they misspelled Leela as "Lena"), currently has it on sales rank 5 in the top selling DVDs, several DVD sites posted reviews of the set (all of them pretty much praising the it) and the LA Times/CalendarLive has a Futurama feature called "Where the 'Futurama' is now" in which they quote Groening on his feelings towards Futurama:
"I feel about 'Futurama' the way Paul McCartney must feel about Wings. It's tough to compare anything to 'The Simpsons,' but I'm incredibly proud of 'Futurama.' The show is still alive, even though it's no longer supported by its original network, Fox. It's on Cartoon Network now. We're still working on 'Futurama' comic books and toys, and we've been talking about 'Futurama' movies. Just a few days ago, fans of the program submitted a petition to save it that had 130,000 signatures. Even by TV standards that's pretty amazing."
The article continues with different persons' views on the creation process of Futurama.
This also answers the "will comics continue" question and confirms that the much rumoured about Futurama Movie is at "talking about" levels, but no further yet.
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