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Futurama Outlook on FOX

Things are getting unclear here... The line-up:

Sun 06th: FUTURAMA "The Why of Fry"
Sun 13th: NO FUTURAMA - KotH repeat *
Sun 20th: NO FUTURAMA - X-Men 2 prview

So, tomorrow we'll finally see "The Why of Fry", (*) but TVGuide lists a King of the Hill repeat for next week and an X-Men 2 preview for the week after. In other words: If the KotH repeat holds true, tomorrow could be the season's finale due to FOX supposedly not airing Futurama during May sweeps. This would mean that Season 5 consisted out of 8 episodes aired over a 5 months time span unless possible summer runs of the remaining 8 episodes would be counted towards this season.
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