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Cohen on DVDs, Promotion

SQFreak posted a link to a Winston-Salem (local NC paper) article called "Futurama is getting attention it deserves" on PEEL. It's mostly about the region 1 release of the Futurama Season 1 DVD set, but also includes short interview snippets with Futurama executive producer David X. Cohen talking about the episode commentaries
"At this point, it's like a little reunion. [...] We do them in real time, with surprisingly little preparation.
and Futurama promotion by Cartoon Network:
They've [Cartoon Network] doubled and tripled the ratings in their demographic. [...]
I saw an ad on CNN during Moneyline. That told me they must be doing a lot of ads, if they're covering Moneyline.... This, after going literally three years without any promotion on Fox"
You can read the whole article by Tim Clodfelter at journalnow.
Indeed, the Futurama ratings on Cartoon Network seem to be going up. While the best scoring Futurama episode in January landed on #64 (out of all things shown on Cartoon Network that month), February ratings sees Futurama as high as #9, which is really good for an 11PM show.
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