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Sunday 7PM ratings

Metered market Nielsen ratings for Sunday are in and I thought I'd just let you know even though no Futurama was on.
The 7-7:30PM slot was dominated by a 11.0/19 PGA Masters overrun on CBS, followed by a 5.8/10 Dateline half-hour on NBC. ABC's Dr. Dolittle repeat finished with 4.5/7 average between 7 and 9PM. FOX's Futurama replacement "King of the Hill" episode (repeat) came in fourth with a low 3.4/6 rating.

This compares to:
  • Futurama - The Why of Fry 3.8/6
  • Futurama - Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles 4.3/7

    Reading ratings: Generally higher = better. First number indicates how many people watched, second tells what percentage of the watching people that is. Advertisers like the first number better, but these highly depend on the time slot as less people watch TV during the nights/dinner time etc.
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