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Futurama @ Comic-Con 2003

Thanks to FrysGIRL, we now have word in from Futurama executive producer David X. Cohen that the Futurama staff will most likely be attending this year's San Diego Comic-Con in California. For the past few years, David and the Futurama staffers have attended the event and always brought a fresh unaired episode for the Comic-Con-ers to view.
DavidX: We ARE currently planning to do a panel at Comicon, probably on Saturday. It's not 100% definite yet, but maybe about 90%.
Saturday's Comic-Con is on July 19th, and admission is between $10 and $20 for a one day pass. I'm definitely planning to go to this event, and will make a CGEF report once I get back. Also attending the con will be Bongo Comics with a booth on the main floor. There, Futurama and Simpsons comics artists sign autographs and sell comics and reprint books. Every once in a while, they also have contests and give out free buttons that feature Futurama and Simpsons characters. And on Sunday the 20th, Bongo will have a panel dicussion regarding their comics.
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