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Futurama Video Game News

Some more news about the Futurama Video Game for PS2, Game Cube and X-Box:

SCI in the UK now officially lists July 4th as the release date for Europe (well, at least for the UK. Don't know if that's valid for other nations, too). By now mostly is in accordance with that, but for the X-Box one which they wrongly list as already released.

FOXi - the former Northern American publisher - never told much about the release, but now I got a press release by Vivendi Universal Games (who bought FOXi). They don't list the Game Cube (error? I'll investigate) and the release date is vague with "3rd Quarter".
"Futurama's sci-fi themes fit perfectly with sophisticated video game technology, helping you imagine what it would be like to be alive in the 31st Century. It involves blasting a lot of aliens." -- Matt Groening
If interested, have a look at the full press release.
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