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Beating a Dead Horse... NEW EPISODE

For those who missed the last few announcements:

New Episode today at 7PM ET/PT on FOX

This will be the last episode written by Patric Verrone, who according to our user reviews has one of the highest variance with episodes ranging from stellar 93% (The Problem with Popplers, 4th highest ranking and A Clone of my Own, 3rd highest ranking) to not so stellar 53% (That's Lobstertainment, 2nd lowest ranking). So it will be interesting to see where today's episode will end up. In any way, prepare to review it once it has aired. I'm sure he'll value input no matter what. (Please no pre-air spoiling and bragging on here including the comments)

So, call your friends for this last but 7 episode of Futurama. You don't want to miss it.
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