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US Futurama Season 2 DVD Release

There's some shaking going on with the region-1/North America Futurama Season 2 DVD release date. We currently have 3 possible dates:
  • August 12th: This comes from
  • August 26th: That's what the FOX TV site claimed previously.
  • September 2nd: And this is what amazon stated. Not too official.

    I take it that FOX didn't change their website without reason, so we can hope for 08/12, but I'll see if I can get any additional word on it. However, the responsible PR company seems to be lost in a DNS-loop right now ... In any way, there's still some time left to clear that up.

    Incidentally, if you got the European Season 3 DVD set which has been released a few hours ago, take the time to watch it and then review it yourself.

    Also, the (final) Futurama Season 4 DVD set is in the extras adding step right now. (Says who? Me!)
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