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Futurama Comics #13 out

About a week ago, Futurama comics #13 came out, so it's time to give it $2.50 and a read. Then let us see some feedback.
This comic was written by Ian Boothby of Futurama/Simpsons cross-over fame. I think he'll also be reading the reviews here. The story starts like this:
Things go to hell in a handbasket when Bender loses his job after accidentally poisoning the Planet Express crew. But there are slim pickings on the unemployment line for a former bending unit turned toxic chef. That is until he gets an offer he can't refuse from the robot devil.
The one thing I saw was that in favour of an interview with a Ho, there are no more fan letters/art pieces published. Not even an address listed. Maybe they gave up due to too few submissions. Let's change that! Write all your comic fan letters to (and say CGEF sent you ;) ):
Bongo Comics Group
P.O. Box 1963
Santa Monica, CA 90406-1963
or email them at Make sure to add the legal line "For consideration for publication in Bongo Comics. I agree if you publish my submission it becomes your property," and sign off with your name.
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