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NY Post on Grown-Up Animation

New York Post writer Don Kaplan wrote up a short article about animation for grown-ups and Adult Swim in special. Quoting Cartoon Network programming chief Mike Lazzo on Futurama and Family Guy:
"I believe they were somewhat mishandled when they originally ran [on network TV]. I never knew when it was on. Until we got the show, I didn't realize how good it was."
Wish some other programming chief had talked to him a few years ago...

On the topic of Cartoon Network and Futurama I often get email asking why they couldn't renew Futurama instead of FOX. The main problem is money. Futurama costs too much per episode and to quote Mr Lazzo again "the point is to try and produce these shows inexpensively enough to try and get something to pop like 'Beavis & Butt-head' and 'South Park' did when they were first done as short pieces." Unlike Family Guy, Futurama wouldn't work that well in an inexpensive version.
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