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X-box Futurama Demo

In the current issue of the Official XBox magazine in UK there is an extra DVD disk that includes a playable demo of the new Futurama video game.

The level revolves around Fry blasting aliens in a bar. The level lasts 5 minutes because it's a timed based demo. The loading screen is of Zapp with the quotation "Join the Army! What are you, chicken? Buk Buk Buk!"
At this message board, people are reviewing the demo. Keep in mind that they aren't really Futurama fans though.
Thanks to Gary for originally bringing this to my attention, and people at PEEL.

Also, SCi's latest press release on a sponsorship deal with the Sky One airings of Futurama lists the release date for the XBox and PS2 versions as August 1st.
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