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Futurama on TBS for Summer

Annoyed with CN removing Futurama from its schedule for the rest of the summer after July 24th? Well, here's something to compensate it: TBS Superstation (another AOL-TW channel) just announced that they will pick up both Futurama and Family Guy for weekday summer reruns.
"FUTURAMA and THE FAMILY GUY have proven to be stellar hits among adults 18-34 for the late-night Cartoon Network Adult Swim crowd, and we are confident they will prove to be equally popular during the afternoons on TBS Superstation."
Starting next Monday (the 7th) Futurama will replace 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' at 2PM and be followed up by Family Guy at 2:30PM ET. Their schedule page does not yet reflect that change though.
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