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FOX Emmy Ad Including Futurama

With the 55th Primetime Emmy nominations being announced on the 17th of this month, networks & production companies are busy printing "for your consideration" ads. While I didn't see one specifically for Futurama (anyone?), FOX put out a combined front page ad on The Daily Variety of June 5th which includes Futurama among 15 other shows. The irony is that it touts the FOX-logo as a "Proof of Quality" when half the shows on display are either cancelled or went through severe remodelling. Now, I liked some of these shows (eg, Futurama), but why'd they cancel quality?
Anyway... A second Emmy for Futuarma in the 'Outstanding Animated Program (<1 h)' category after winning it last year seems hard to imagine. Still, lets hope for some nominations.
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