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Last Few New Futuramas On Sundays

First a reminder that there is an unaired Futurama episode on this Sunday at 7PM on FOX. Don't miss Fry's horn getting abducted.

This brings us to the following confirmed schedule:
  • Sun 13th: Spanish Fry.
  • Sun 20th: Bend Her
  • Sun 27th: Obsoletely Fabulous

    On the latter one I can reveal a bit more now (UPDATED: Now with corrections directly from the horse's mouth):
    When Fry, Bender and the Planet Express gang attend Roboticon 3003 - the world's largest robot trade show - the Professor purchases the new "Robot 1-X", which threatens to render Bender obsolete. Feeling inadequate, Bender returns to MomCorp for an upgrade, but becomes terrified that the procedure will erase his robo-humanity. In desperation, he escapes from the factory and becomes a castaway on a tropical island that seems uninhabited... or is it? Violence ensues.
    So, it is infact not a sequal to "Bend Her", but a separate episode about a separate Bender upgrade.

    After that we are expecting the final two episodes to air on Sunday the 3rd and 10th of August respectively.
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