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Futurama scoring an A+ in CA

Recently, California fan Alexandra (Randi) wrote a school persuasive essay about the way FOX treats Futurama, and low and behold, she got an A+ on the report. I plan on sending this essay to some FOX executives and Futurama staffers soon, because I think the report is very well done, and could open the eyes of some blinded people at FOX. Here's a tid-bit of Espousing a Future for Futurama :
The humor, the plot twists, the characters! You can't believe a show like this has been on the air for years and you've never heard of it! As you stare blankly into the set, you become more and more engrossed by the second. Just before your eyes are allowed to view the exciting conclusion, static can be heard as wavy lines appear throughout the screen. You bang the television-no use-the show is gone and can't be brought back.
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