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Ode to Futurama on Associated Press

In a long article with an even longer title of 'Futurama' May Be Ending, But Its Past Is Prelude to a Funny Future, Associated Press writer Frazier Moore lauds Futurama's track record and mourns its soon to happen demise:
A prediction: Viewers eons from now will give "Futurama" the credit it deserves today. [...]

Matt Groening's big "Simpsons" follow-up, "Futurama" has always been overshadowed by his brilliant first-born.

Who knows why? The verbal humor, sight gags, wicked cultural jabs and general irreverence that make "The Simpsons" great are found full-strength on "Futurama," as is spectacular voice talent [...]

What's more, "Futurama" took a bold step beyond "The Simpsons" [...] to take on the entire universe from a vantage point a thousand years away.
For a change, the author seems to know what he's talking about and even cites multiple episodes. Looks like there are fans among the AP staffers, too.
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