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First Season 4 DVD details

As a nice sign that the 4ACV DVDs are heading towards Europe at the end of this year / start of next year, the British content rating group published its first ratings for the extras. There will be:
  1. about 14 minutes of deleted scenes
  2. something called "pencil test" (probably a gallery)
  3. 3D models of the PE ship (+mods), Nimbus, Nixon-bot and various others
  4. the animatic for Obsoletely Fabulous
  5. 2 easter eggs (highlight to read): a table read for The Devil's Hands and a Star Trek panel discussion
It's not really clear if we'll see some more being added over time, but the commentaries aren't yet up and we know that all 18 of them have been recorded in addition to one extra one for Emmy nominee "Jurassic Bark", focusing on the writing process. And there might be a small DVD-Data special. Not sure about the last one.

For the envious Americans: The Season 2 DVD set is about to be released (only 17 days now!), so go preoder it at 25% off at amazon.
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