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"And this is how it must end?" - Bender

Two more episodes to go and we put some more detailed description up for both Bender should not be allowed on TV and "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings". The complete description of the series finale will be published by FOX on their site later this coming week but it sadly includes a bit too much information. So, here's a slightly defused version:
Fry, in an effort to win Leela's love, makes a deal with the Robot Devil to become a gifted musician. He has tried to take Holophoner lessons, but his teacher claimed he had "stupid fingers." Bender realizes that the Robot Devil is the only one to help. Fry makes a deal only to regret it immediately as it comes with a hefty price.
If people protest the detail cutting too much in the comments, I might add more using a spoiler box, though I really think you should go into this episode without too much pre-knowledge.

Thanks to Brian from The Futon Critic for supplying us with the descriptions over the past few weeks.
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