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Simpsons wins Emmy over Futurama

Tonight marked the year's biggest event regarding TV animation awards as the 55th Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards in the Creative Arts categories were handed out at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. After winning its Outstanding Animated Program category last year with "Roswell That Ends Well", Futurama again was nominated this time around -- even though it had already received the letter of no confidence by FOX.

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This year, the quite contentious episode "Jurassic Bark" had to bare its teeth as Groening's older brain child "The Simpsons" played the PC card with "Three Gays Of The Condo". Also nominated were episodes of "As Told By Ginger", "Kim Possible" and "SpongeBob SquarePants".

Gay beats dog tears. Looking at the episodes at hand, I personally of course don't agree, but The Simpsons win this round and thus the Emmy at least stays "within the family". But I still have to congratulate executive producers Matt Groening, David X. Cohen and Ken Keeler, writer Eric Kaplan, director Swinton Scott and everyone else who made this dog die miserably and lonely. You guys brought the Emmy tally up to 4 nominations, 1 win and 2 juried/personal achievement awards in just 4 production seasons. Certain other cartoon shows running prime time on FOX and latenight on cable didn't even make the list this year. And that doesn't even have to be it as all episodes starting with "The Sting" are up for possible nomination next year. Go for it!

As for those of us who weren't actually able to be at the Auditorium, don't miss the shortened broadcast of the event which E! TV will be broadcasting on the 19th at 6-8 p.m. ET/PT.
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