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Futurama Season 4 DVD Preorder

Not trying to upset the Americans or anything, but Europeans can now preorder the 4ACV Futurama DVD set for November 17th at While they first had it at 12% off, I now feel well about sending you their way as they changed it to 30% off, making it £27.99.

This set includes the final 18 episodes produced by FOX complete with a commentary track for each of them. For the other extras, check our previous news on it.

As many of the non-English European nations aren't done with airing Futurama on TV, I very much doubt that their local versions will be available anytime soon. I had no problems importing Season 3 from the UK though (came out cheaper than ordering it locally here...). Futurama is best with its original English sound anyway. Non-Europeans with PAL/Region2 players can of course get happy with it, too.

UPDATE: When I posted this news, it was on DVD sales rank 205. A few hours later it made it to #25 and right now it's #7 topseller and #5 in preorders. Good work, whoever of you is buying
UPDATE UPDATE: Order rank #4 now; preorder rank #2! Even the soon to be released Simpsons Season 3 is nowhere close to that right now (Order #36).
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