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Comics Signing in Santa Barbara

As Jon told you a few weeks ago, there's a comic book signing on Saturday 20th in Santa Barbara, California. So, now for the details:

Bongo Comics Group - FuturamaThe event is held by Metro Comics on the 5th Annual Book & Author Festival taking place in De la Guerra Plaza. Signing will be Simpsons Comics colorist & artist Nathan Kane and Futurama art director Bill Morrison. The whole thing starts at noon, but you might want to get there some early (doors open at 10am). No admission fee is being asked, but you have to buy either a Futurama-O-Rama copy or one of the Simpsons ones for about $10 to $15 each. Bongo people usually don't sign non-Bongo things anymore.
If anyone with a digi cam goes there, make sure to mail us some pictures.
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