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McSeason 5 on CN in November

November will see a bit of a change in the Futurama programming on Cartoon Network. Going back to its 11PM time slot in November (currently 11:30), Futurama will jump from 2ACV09 (A Bicyclops Built For Two) on the 29th and 2ACV18 (The Honking) on the 30th of October to 3ACV12 (The Route of All Evil) on November 3rd. From there the remaining 4ACV episodes from FOX's McSeason 5 will be shown. With three episodes being skipped as it seems (those which FOX aired in McSeason 4, including the Star Trek one).
In addition, the 11:30PM Futurama episodes are rerun on Cartoon Network at 2:30AM now.
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