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Futurama and Math

So, you are a nerd or at least a geek, right? And you like Futurama? Well, then what else would come to mind than working on a paper about some of the mathematic references in Futurama?
That was probably what Futurama fan Tom Georgoulias and certainly what I thought when Dr. Sarah J. Greenwald of Appalachian State University asked for editing help on her paper called "Futurama πk - Mathematics in the Year 3000".

The article is available as a pdf file on her Futurama page at SimpsonsMath and is expected to appear in the April 2004 issue of the undergraduate aimed Mathematical Association of America publication Math Horizons.
In addition, she will give a 10 minutes talk on it at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Phoenix, AZ, Friday, January 9, 2004 at 10:45am.
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