Can't Get Enough Futurama

It's been back for 2 years...

You might think this is some sleazy Halloween update, but it's not... Today we celebrate the rebirth of CGEF on October 31st, 2001! The last year has been a very rocky year for the show, and a very sad year, since Futurama didn't get renewed (this time officially, unlike last year). But even with a setback that big, the Futurama community is still strong and growing, and that's why CGEF hopes to serve the public another year and maybe longer...

Like we did 2 years ago:

I want to thank the following people for their help and efforts to CGEF: [-mArc-] for keeping the site alive and kicking with his ever-growing supply of content, edel for making sure that we don't make too many dumb spelling mistakes (which I often do), Jon for taking care of the merchandise, all the people from #Futuramachat and PEEL for their support to the site and friendship and of course you, the loyal visitor, for not giving up on Futurama and the community and submitting your work to us.

And happy Halloween

We damn well know that the rebirth of CGEF is the same day as Halloween, so check out my Halloweenish picture. Have fun, and hurray to CGEF and may it live another year. PS, again if you still have some Futurama related Halloween pictures, feel free to send them to mArc
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