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Halloween Contest Winners

Our little Halloween costume contest ended today, so, time to announce the winners and show some photos!

Costume nut Cris did an awesome Bender that was just impossible to beat. He paraded his hard work on the Las Vegas Halloween Comic Con, where he got it signed by Fry's voice actor Billy West. The costume even got glow-in-the-dark eyes and a booze filled chest compartment! 1st place out of 4 in the Robo-league.

Second winner is Margaret, who went as our favourite space captain - Leela. Humans (and mutants) are quite hard to match in costumes, but she did a good job with the hair and outfit. Attention to detail with Leela's wrist thingy won her the Humanoid league title.

The (sorry) non-winning entries by Razz, Scott, Joe and Jason together with bigger pictures of the winners can be found on the Halloween Contest page.

Cris and Margaret will be getting mail from me regarding the Futurama DVD/VHS set they'll recieve as a prize.

UPDATE: Our webmaster Jon submitted a special late entry: The "trash man from the future who's also a ninja" costume. He said he even got some (XMas?!?) candy with it!

UPDATE2: A late entry by Bray finally gives us a Zoidberg, too! Now waiting for a Nibbler entry.
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