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Crimes of the Gore

Former Vice-President Al Gore gave a speech on the environment for the group on January 15th. He used a clip from "Crimes of the Hot" to help explain Global Warming.
"Now, don't spin any time on this one [points to green house chart] because this is the way the technical explanation is given of the green house effect with the sun rays coming in and they radiate back out. Some of them are trapped but that's a good thing. But when the green house gases thicken it they are trapped more. And that heats it up and that's bad. This is a much better explanation:
[Plays "None Like it Hot"] [applause]
Our daughter Kristin works with Matt Groening out in Hollywood - or did rather - and they allowed me to use that - I think - pretty good explanation of global warming, for telling the truth."
You can catch the speech on in text and video format. Maybe in another life Gore would have been president and Futurama would have still been alive. Oh a man can dream, can't he?
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