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Writers Guild Award Nominations

After receiving two Annie Award nomination two weeks ago, Futurama is up for yet another late award!
The Writers Guild of America gave Futurama's writer and previous occupant of the Guild's Animation Caucus' Lifetime Achievement Award Patric Verrone a nomination for his episode "The Sting". He comes in to defend the crown which Ken Keeler captured for Futurama with "Godfellas" last year.

The other contestants in the "Writing in Animation for TV" category are:
  • Simpsons - The Dad Who Knew too Little
  • Simpsons - Moe Baby Blues
  • Simpsons - My Mother the Carjacker
  • King of the Hill - Reborn to be Wild
  • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron - Rescue Jet Fusion

    So, nothing new on that front. 3 Simpsons, one King of the Hill and one I've never heard of just like last year

    Results will be announced at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City on February 21st.
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