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A sad sad day for human kind

After googling, I came across this article. As some of you might remember, 3001 is a movie that features some guy waking up in the year 3001(sound familiar?)

LOS ANGELES ( - Twentieth Century Fox is rocketing Luke Wilson into the next millennium.

The 32-year-old actor will star in Mike Judge's comedy "3001," as a man who wakes from sleep only to find out 1,000 years has passed.

Although this project sounds similar to Fox's defunct cartoon "Futurama," Fox's comedy featured a spacey delivery boy lost in a technologically advanced future whereas "3001" sets up Joe Bowers (Wilson) as the most intelligent person alive now that civilization is dumbed-down, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
shooting is scheduled to start in mid-April and no futurama movie in sight :/
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