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S3 R1 V3 R2 D2 DVD Set Update

I got something all of you don't have! And no, it's not that thing I had to get taken care of by a doctor the other day... No! Not at all! It's season 3 of Futurama on DVD! Well, ok, maybe some of you have that already... *mumbles something about region 2 people* Anyway, I got season 3 on DVD in region 1 before all of you! Go me! Wooo.. And boy does it kick ass. It's chocked full of episode goodness. It has a little bit of episode crapness, but the goodness outshines the badness. And the commentaries are priceless. If you're interested, I updated the review Marc and edel made for the r2 version of the set with information on the r1 version. With the r1 version, you get a couple of extras: New menus and new sound bytes. So anyway, just go check out the article, it's cool and will make you want to buy the set.
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