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Groening on Adult Swim & Simpsons

Matt Groening will make a rare television appearance on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network) when he introduces his favorite episode of Futurama each night at 11 p.m. (ET, PT) during a weeklong event Sunday, May 23-Thurday, May 27. So be sure to check this rare event of seeing our beloved creator pick his favorite updates. Thanks to the Animation Insider for this heads up. Read the full article here!

In addition, USA Today reports that Groening will have a guest appearance in one of the upcoming seasons of his other show, The Simpsons. He'll be introduced as the famous inventor of Futurama signing Bender dolls on a Springfield comic convention.

Introducing him as the inventor of the Simpsons on the Simpsons would not have worked, of course. Now the continuity geeks have to work out how he can be on the Simpsons as the Futurama inventor when the Simpsons is a TV show in the Futurama universe. Whaaa!

UPDATE: It will be on April the 18th!
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