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Katey Sagal's latest CD

Katey Sagal, the beloved voice of Leela, will be releasing her second pop album June 1st. There aren't any samples of the album online at this moment, but it can be pre-ordered at for $16.98. There's an article about Katey, the new album, and her past at NY Daily News. Here's a tidbit from it:

Sagal, a singer for 30 years, releases her second album, "Room," a collection of pop originals and classics, on June 1.

[...] "When I made my first record, in '94, it was harder for people to see me in a different way because I was ensconced in Peg's red wig," says Sagal, 50, who played shoe salesman Al Bundy's wife for more than a decade on the raunchy sitcom.
Thanks to Venus for pointing this out to us.
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