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New Matt Groening interview in EW

Matt Groening (Creator, Futurama, Simpsons) was interviewed in the September 10th issue of Entertainment Weekly - But hey, guess what? We nerdy computer people get an extended online-only version of the same interview thanks to Here's a snippet:
Reruns get great ratings on the Cartoon Network. Any chance of a ''Family Guy''-like resurrection for ''Futurama''?
We're trying to figure it out. If we can do more episodes, we'd love to. It's a very ambitious show, and it's very expensive. That's been a sticking point. What [co-developer] David Cohen and I would love is to continue many of the stories we worked out in advance. All science-fiction epics have an underlying theme, which is ''things are not what they seem to be,'' and that was certainly the case with ''Futurama.'' David and I worked for a couple of years [planning the show] before we even pitched it, and we haven't revealed all of the secrets that are embedded in it. There are even characters that we created back in the beginning of the series that we never got around to introducing. It looks like a goofy cartoon, but the underlying science-fiction ideas are pretty good.
Remember to read this in context of our earlier report on come-back rumors. So please, don't post "OMG futurama iz teh back!!!! LOOLLZz" in the comments feature of this article.
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