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David X interview

David X. Cohen recently got interviewed for BBC's Cult Television (I don't know what cult tv is, but that's what their site is titled) - Here's two snippets:
Question: Do you think we'll get to see more Futurama?

David X Cohen:Well, I don't want to give false hope to any Futurama fans, because we haven't heard anything specific from the Fox network.

If Family Guy comes back and it's a bit hit, I think somebody at the network would have to turn their attention back to Futurama to at least consider it for another five minutes.

Question: Whose head would you like to see preserved?

David X Cohen: At this moment I'm going to say my girlfriend Patty. When she reads this article it's going to score me a lot of points.
I felt it was necessary to mention Mr Cohen's girlfriend on this site too to give him some extra points. Thanks to wu_konguk from PEEL for pointing this out to us.
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