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'Robot Maniacs' Back on Track

As posted earlier, the "Futurama Monster Robot Maniac Fun Collection" DVD set got its original release date postponed. David X. Cohen tells me that the new US date is now tentatively set to August 23, 2005.

The extras on the collection are becoming more clear now, too.
  • An overall intro by Matt Groening and the gang (Billy West, John Dimaggio, David X. Cohen, Producer Claudia Katz, and Supervising Director Rich Moore).
  • Individual intros to each of the four episodes "Hell is Other Robots", "Anthology of Interest I", "Roswell That Ends Well" and "The Sting".
  • Smaller extras (possibly easter eggs) might include photos and/or very early notes from the development of Futurama.
  • A long animatic of "Hell is Other Robots", with full-length commentary by all of the above noteed people. As a special treat, you will get to hear David X. Cohen filling in for one or two of the Beastie Boys on their a-capella version of "Sabotage", since the Beasties hadn't been recorded yet at that time.

Cohen says there will be no extra charge for the last one. However, there will also be no refunds given on account of this.
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