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Casemod genius!

Jan Erik Vangen, one of the best case modders there is, has built a very nice case-mod. A case-mod is a practice where a person modifies a computer case to give it a unique touch, and some people go very far with it. He built a replica of bender with a Mini-ITX-system and a slot-in DVD-player in the mouth. The antenna on the top is actually a WLAN-antenna, and the arms are bendable. A speaker inside the "case" also spits out classical Bender quotes like "Bite my shiny metal ass!". This case-mod of course got several awards in case-mod competitions.

On the norwegian site, he explains the entire process into making this casemod of his. This is by far one of the best case-mods I've ever seen!

Sources: (Norwegian)
Toms Hardware

*Update*: Jan Erik Vangen sent a url in english which has even more information about the bender case-mod: here!
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