Can't Get Enough Futurama


Our lovable little rascal Bender/John DiMaggio had a brief appearance on last
weeks "Future-Drama" episode of The Simpsons. Although Futurama characters
and memorabilia have been seen on the show in the past, this is the first time
a Futurama character has actually spoken.

The scene involved Bart and Homer driving in a hover-car going into a "Quantum
Tunnel" and coming out with a little surprise named Bender. Sadly, Homer
didn't like the idea of a new friend named Bender, and threw
him out of the car

Bender: "Aw right, you guys are my new best friends!"

Homer: "You wish loser! *tosses Bender out of hover-car* hahaha"

*Bender falls apart*

Quite sad, but at least we got some Bender action at all, right?

The episode itself also had many references to how Futurama handles people's

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