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If you're a die-hard fan, you know that John DiMaggio does the voice of Dr. Drakken on the Disney show Kim Possible. But to be fair, I didn't know this until just now. Why? Because Mr DiMaggio recently did a commentary track on one of Kim Possibles DVDs. What's interesting and Futurama-related is that in one of the commentary tracks, someone from the show asks John what's up with Futurama. Here's the transcript of the commentary :
Someone else: This one's just for John. I think Cinescape reported that FOX is thinking about bringing Futurama back straight to DVD. Have you heard that?
John: Actually, I was at the 350th episode of The Simpsons party over at FOX and ran into David X. Cohen and Matt. And David said "Yeah, we're gonna do some straight to DVD movies." I said "all right, well, when I hear Matt say it I'll know." Then I said "Matt, what's up? Give me the straight stuff." And he said "Yeah". So basically, I think what they're gonna do is they're gonna ... do straight to DVD movies that'll be on the air quality. And if FOX wants to put them on, Matt will be like "Guys, put'em on." Looks like we're gonna do it. I haven't heard anything contract-wise or anything like that. So ... anything can happen. But once I sign my name on the dotted line, I'll be singing in the streets.
This is a month or two old, so it's not really confirming anything. It's merely some exciting news to add onto the idea of new Futurama material for the near future. Thanks to FryFan and his friend from the Kim Possible community for showing us this tidbit of information.

Futurama Comics #20 out now
Last Wednesday #20 of Futurama comics became available. The issue has a few pages of fanart and emails, fun stuff. Go buy the comic at your local book store, or buy it online at, then go review it.
Never before in the history of comics has there been an issue quite like this one! Bender, feeling under-appreciated, goes off on a mind-bending, time-twisting, space continuum-shattering odyssey that will take him across the galaxy and through the offices of Bongo Comics in a mad, mad, mad, mad chase. Only you, dear reader, will be able to bring him back when "Bender Breaks Out!"
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