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Futurama Article in Variety

A new article in the magazine "Variety" called "Inside Move: 'Futurama' may get new lease on life" echoed basically what we've been saying in May last year.
Talks have begun at 20th Century Fox TV to revive the animated skeinskein, which takes place in the next millennium, much in the same way "Family Guy""Family Guy" found new life after cancellation.

The studio is in early discussions to put "Futurama" back in production and create a limited number of episodes of the Emmy Award-winning skein -- although it's too soon to tell where those segs might end up. A reprep for 20th Century Fox TV declined comment.
The story got mirrored in a number of general news sites. Of course, Variety is usually very close to the sources, so there was a chance that a change to the status of Futurama had happened. However, this is only the case in a very limited way. The talk is still about the DVDs (not TV, for all we know) and it is still ongoing. The slight difference is that our sources at the top of the show's team tell us that they think there will be some sort of result soon. They seem to be carefully optimistic, but nothing is set in stone yet.
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