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Futurama's tomorrow

Somehow this article slipped through my radar (or I just didn't check my emails for a month - hint hint, put "Futurama" in the title of your email and I'll read it quicker) but Matt Groening and David X. Cohen were interviewed last month by an Australian magazine that has some really great quotes from them. But to sum it up, they're very hopeful for the return of Futurama! Here's a tidbit:
"Three months ago, I would have said we were going to start tomorrow," says writer David X. Cohen, who collaborated with Groening on Futurama. "And one month ago I would also have said we were going to start tomorrow. So ..." He pauses. "My current estimate is that we're starting tomorrow."
There you have it people, Futurama's new production will start tomorrow No but seriously, it's not starting tomorrow. But we can hope it will start soon. If you'd like to read the entire article, click on over to Off the Planet - TV & Radio.

-Edit: Don't jump to the highest cloud with joy yet, though. Futurama has NOT been signed for production yet.

News from way over in Kangeroo-land: Ausie fan Beckie has told me that a channel in her country is showing Futurama twice a week (Wed & Fri) after the Simpsons at 8PM. Not bad, eh? UPDATE: The Sydney Morning herald reports: "The surprise hit is Futurama [...] Averaging a million viewers, it has become the program most watched by people aged 16-39."

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