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CNN, Groening on Futurama

There is a news article by the Hollywood Reporter (read at CNN) telling about rumours that say that Futurama is considered for a return to FOX:
There also was speculation that Fox was looking to resurrect the animated series "Futurama," from "The Simpsons" creator Matt Groening, on its Sunday lineup the same way that "Family Guy" was brought back last year. The network has an option for new episodes, which currently are being produced for Cartoon Network's Adult Swim late-night block.
However, with the last line about episodes in production for CN:AS being wrong, we can only wonder how accurate the rest of the information is.

In this context, Groening himself stated in a recent interview with the A.V Club that 4 DVD movies are going ahead:
AVC: What can you say about the Futurama movies?

MG: We're going to do four of them, straight to DVD. And as we speak, I'm exchanging e-mails and ideas with David X. Cohen and Ken Keeler, both of whom worked on the show from the very beginning. Right now we're trying to figure out whether to do a giant epic, or separate crazy movies, or what. But I wager that Bender will be featured prominently.
We haven't heard anything else in the last few weeks, so let's hope things are going along.
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