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DXC Interview on ToyFare Magazine

Justin Aclin of ToyFare Magazine notified me that they have a short interview with Futurama executive director David X. Cohen on their site. Especially of interest to the Futurama fans:
ToyFare: So where are you right now in the production of the new season?

DAVID X. COHEN: We're about halfway through the writing, but just getting started on the animation. One big decision we have not yet made is how, once again, to "end" the series - hopefully not for the last time.
The interview also touches on some story line details and merchandise Cohen would like to see.

On the latter topic, Toyfare Magazine also features an interview with the toy producer "Toynami", who did the Futurama i-Men in the past. They are about to release new 6" figures of Fry and Dr. Zoidberg in spring 2007. Later figures will be Leela and Zapp Branigan, and yet later Bender and Kif.
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