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CGEF Holidays

Merry Everything, anyone! I'm Jon, the disloyal little CGEF Slave that doesn't do any work around here any more. Fear not, though! For I have returned to shower you with holiday joy!  Not only am I going to get you up to date with some merchandise news, but I'll also give you links that will give you the ability to buy such items! 

But first off, let me just say that back in the day, Christmas time and Futurama both really meant a lot to me. I'd watch X-Mas themed episodes with friends and family, and honestly feel warm and fuzzy inside. Then I grew up and am a bitter old man. But that doesn't mean you have to be, too!  Check out this page I put together from a year or two back that has lots of holiday themed Futurama fan art - it's sure to get you in the spirit.

Holiday Gift Guide
Haven't bought your special someone a Futurama gift for the holidays? Well do it now, JEEZ! Time is running out.

Over at Things From Another World, they have numerous copies of the over-looked issue of Futurama Comics that is #26. If you'd like to get your paws on more than one issue of Futurama comics, Mile High Comics has issues #24 to #27 in stock, also with the option to (pre-)order #28 and #29.

Things From Another World also have some great discounted Futurama goods such as Pop Out People and comic book reprints. Check em out!

Meanwhile over at Entertainment Earth, they're serving up a healthy dose of "OMG NEW BENDER FIGURINE" that can be seen by moving your eyes slightly to the right of this paragraph. Nice little figure eh?  They've also got some other nifty Futurama items, but they're currently on back-order. Nonetheless, you can order them if you'd like! as always has a nice selection of Futurama magnets on hand, all with 30% off for the holidays. But whether you want figures, playing cards, or Zapp
Brannagin toy guns, The Garment District has got what you need.

But if you're really looking to get some nice artwork from the series, check out Wonderful World of Animation - but be warned, it's pricy art.
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