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Info on Four New DVDs

As there is more information inflowing now, we figured to put up a page on the four new Futurama DVDs where we collect and update what we've been told.

Quite a few details on Bender's Big Score are already available, but nothing much was known about the other parts. An unnamed well-informed source with the middle initial 'X' tells us, that The Beast with a Billion Backs will see the return of guest star Professor Stephen 'The Hawking-Hole' Hawking.

'X' also lets us know that there no date has been set for either of the remaining three DVDs after Bender's Big Score. Also, the episodes made out of the 4 widescreen Futurama movies will be produced in 4:3 according to current plan to match the look of the old 72 episodes. For fans reading this page, this is probably not a problem since most will be buying the DVDs anyway.

Lastly, there is likely going to be a Futurama trailer on the next Fantastic Four DVD. We won't link to any online version before we don't have an official source for it.
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