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Audio Interview with Rich Moore

Slashfilm blog poster David Chen scored an 18 minutes phone interview with Futurama director Rich Moore. They talk some about how Futurama got started, a tiny bit about where Futurama is going with the new movie Bender's Game and then on what projects Rich is going to be working during the next few years:
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Q: Rich, could you please tell our listeners how you've been involved in the Futurama series exactly over the past few years?

A: My involvment with Futurama, it started ... God, is it about 10 years ago? I've known Matt Groening since the beginning of the Simpsons. I was a director on The Simpsons from season one to five. That's where I met Matt. We both enjoyed working with each other. Or I should say, I enjoyed working with Matt. I don't want to speak for him. Maybe he hates me. I don't know.
Back in 1998... well waaay back like in season two of The Simpsons, Matt and I had spoken about an idea that he had about a new show which was going to be a science fiction show kind of what The Simpsons were to say like The Flintstones, this new show would be his take on The Jetsons. We talked a little bit about it and were real excited about it back then. And it just kinda went away because we were so busy on The Simpsons. Then in 1998 he called me again and talked about his idea and wanted me to come by and talk with him and David Cohen about it. And this show turned out to be Futurama.

For the full interview in mp3 format, go over to slashfilm.
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