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9 Odd Things About Futurama on TotalFilm

PEEL user soylentOrange found a nice article called "9 Odd Things We Now Know About Futurama" on With the movie "Into the Wild Green Yonder" coming out in mere days, their staff sat down with Futurama producers Matt Groening and David X. Cohen plus the four voice actors Billy West, Lauren Tom, Maurice Lamarche, and Phil LaMarr.

The ninth odd thing is about the possibility of Futurama returning:
Matt Groening: We would love to continue making more Futurama episodes in whatever form... Except Pogs.

I think we haven't even exhausted all the story ideas that we came up with back when the show started in '99.

David Cohen: Every morning, and I'm not making this up, I find myself thinking in the shower about the next episode that we'll do after this one. I have it mostly worked out, so we're ready to go if the call comes in.

There is a chance of it coming back as the DVDs sold well.

While the article does not state when exactly this discussion took place, it matches our previous information. There is interest to do more Futurama - certainly on the creative side. The money-giving side does not seem to have made up its mind just yet though.
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